Activated June 4th 2001
(Updates every 30 minutes)

Activated August 1st 2002
(Updates every 30 minutes)
Long Beach Mall - CityPlace Construction Queensway Bay Project - Pike at Rainbow Harbor Construction

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The following images are being provided by live Netcams high atop the Landmark Square building in downtown Long Beach, CA.  Both views overlook current construction projects being performed by: Developers Diversified Realty (DDRC)

CityPlace is pointing north-east. (Signal Hill in the upper right corner)

Pike at Rainbow Harbor is pointing south.  (Queen Mary in the upper left corner)


  was contacted by Adler Public Affairs (APA) to perform both
  netcam projects which consisted of the following:

  Planning and Coordinating
  Location procurement and Lease arrangement
  Electrical and Data, Product selection, installation and configuration
  Monthly Site Maintenance and Image Archiving